artwork setup requirements

Watch the image area:

The text on your printed material is of vital importance to your message, so don’t take chances. Keep your text at least 4mm away from the cutting edges (and don’t forget about the 3mm allowance for bleed). In Digitally printed work, we suggest at least 5mm as digital can move up to 2mm in any direction.


As a general rule, if printed digitally, we suggest you avoid borders in your artwork/design; (It’s possible that a shift of up to 2mm can occur during the print process.) if you have your heart set on it - the bigger the better! A border that is 15mm away from the cutting edge will not show variations as much as one that is 6mm!

Fresh eyes:

When you’re finished your design and happy that it’s all looking great, then it’s time to have someone check out your work. It’s best if it’s not someone who has worked on the job. It’s amazing how easily an outsider can spot an error you’ve been staring at for days!


If producing in 4 colour process, please convert all spot colours to process (or remove them) from your work. If producing Spot colour, please ensure you do not have any rogue process colours in your work. Please do not name your colours, only use the appropriate PMS name “Hot Pink” could be interpreted by our system as anything, and we would hate for you to be disappointed.


Please supply all images at 300dpi and if in full colour as CMYK, not RGB. If you have a logo or vector image, we always prefer to receive the ‘.eps’ file version - this allows us to produce the best quality possible for your work.