A sustainable energy approach

created 2 print are becoming world leaders in environmentally friendly printing.

The created 2 print Green Room operates with 100% solar powered printing machines with electricity provided by our own solar energy collectors. We believe this to be a world first for the printing industry.

Using both offset and digital processes, our progressive approach toward environmentally friendly production is already exceeding industry requirements.

Care for the environment

As the showpiece of our environmental credentials, The Green Room also features the latest in energy efficient lighting, high-tech/low energy machinery, soy and vegetable based inks, and a combination of recycled and carbon neutral stocks. The facility has a powerful, independent 3-phase solar collection system, and employs both alcohol free offset and digital printing processes. Since being commissioned in mid 2012, The Green Room is now producing some of the most eco-friendly printed products in Australia.

Printing for the low carbon age

The solar powered machines can produce a wide range of products including handwritten NCR books with numbering and perforating, business forms, letterheads, business cards, special invitations, personalised documents, full colour leaflets and booklets.